Workplace Diversity Speakers For Your Company Meetings

Workplace diversity has become a fact of today’s corporate life. With many foreign workers plus ethnic minorities who are North American raised added to a mix of domestic staff who perhaps might not have had much exposure to people from different ethnicities before, a culture shock is a reality for many in the workforce.

As a result, it’s always good to expose company staff some type of diversity training and the use of external speakers specializing in diversity is a great way to do this as part of a full workplace diversity program. Although there may be internal corporate resources for diversity education, bringing outside speakers will add to internal programs especially if speakers come from different fields.

Using workplace diversity speakers to train your company staff is a great thing in this day and age. Such speakers should have plenty of working experience with groups from very diverse backgrounds (races, sexual orientations and handicapped). In addition, a speaker of an ethnic background would be can relate experiences from a visible minority point of view to corporate audiences.

Workplace diversity speakers who have had working industry experience in environments with diverse workplaces are great since they can talk about real life examples of diversity success stories from the working world. These examples will help company staff appreciate the need to develop their own diversity skills for their own careers. This gives them greater incentive to embrace diversity since positive benefits to them and the company can be realized.

Diversity speakers also have to outline how workers can develop useful skills that they can use both within the company with other staff who are different from them as well as those outside of the company like customers, suppliers and other business partners. These are important business and life skills that are necessary in today’s diverse society in North America.

If these diversity skills can be presented and tried in fun audience activities during presentations, corporate audiences will be able to grasp on to the ideas much more readily as they see immediate benefits from participation. In other words, high levels of interaction between the speaker and audience will always make for better training experiences.

Many companies simply make tolerance of different cultures a company policy but this alone may not be enough to get that buy-in inside the hearts of staff. Diversity in effect, becomes force fed on staff making it a negative that must be tolerated.

Overall, the best type of workplace diversity speaker is one who can turn actually turn this perceived negative into a positive. Such a speaker will leave the corporate audience wanting to embrace diversity because of the many positive benefits they realize that could come out of it. This will give people a new outlook on diversity that they can use for life. This type of approach facilitated by good programs will be much more effective in helping companies manage diversity to make it an advantage.