About Multimedia

Multimedia is a computer-based presentation technique that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animations, and video elements. A combination of these elements grab the viewers’ attention and retain it.

The multi-sensory inputs address the learning needs and styles of users and enhance the entire experience for the user.

Multimedia applications are being used in a variety of different fields. Some fields where multimedia is commonly used include entertainment, education, research, and business communications.

In the field of entertainment, multimedia is widely used to add special effects to movies. It is also used to create animated films and cartoon strips. High-end graphics and animations are frequently used to make computer games thrilling and realistic. Such games are very popular and are found in most homes and game arcades. A high-end extension of these games is the flight simulator that is used to train pilots.

The Multimedia Messaging System, or MMS, is an application that allows you to send and receive messages over cell phones.

These are popularly being used to send and receive jokes, music, ringtones, pictures and sometimes even videos. Multimedia also has an enormous impact on education.

With the growing popularity of multimedia, sophisticated learning packages are used to train and educate worldwide over. The most common version of packages is the Computer Based and Web Based Tutorials. These are personality learning aids that are either available on the Internet.

As mentioned, these tutorials are identity the learner can learn by himself, at a pace and time that he is comfortable with. Plus there is no instructor; the learner does not have to travel to a location to attend the class. This eliminates the logistical problems of getting together people from different parts of the world.

It is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animation for cartoon characters. Multimedia games are a popular past time these are software programs available either as online. Some video games also use multimedia features.

It is also used for communications and presentations. Context-relevant animations, images and charts help in grabbing the viewer’s attention and highlighting critical pieces of information in presentations. Multimedia elements are also used in circulars catalogs, and online magazines.

Multimedia learning systems consist of animation and narration, which offer a potentially venue for improving student understanding.

It applications are also widely used in the fields of engineering, medicine, and scientific research. For example, in engineering, multimedia tools are used for designing and testing new components and products.